August 2018 News

Don't Drag Families In Conflict: LeT

31 August 2018
Rising Kashmir

Srinagar: Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) Friday warned J&K Police not to drag the families of militants in the conflict. LeT Jammu Kashmir chief, Mahmood Shah, in his message to J&K Police, said the honor and sanctity of the homes of 'martyrs and freedom fighters' was the same as Police. 'The respect and honor of mothers, sisters and daughters of freedom fighters and martyrs should be the same as you do to yours,' he said in a statement issued here. 'We have on numerous occasions warned the government forces and police personnel not to drag the families into the conflict but they continue to infiltrate our homes and compromise their honour.' 'Bearing the oppression continuously is like aiding the oppressor. The responsibility of current situation lies on the shoulders of J&K Police and CID. Why is it that those who condemn the attacks on J&K Police do not speak up when the police personnel barge into the homes of martyrs and freedom fighters and mercilessly and indiscriminately beat the family members,' the LeT chief said in the statement. 'The freedom fighters have picked up guns to counter the Indian atrocities and for their right to indigenous freedom. Anyone who walks on the path of Indian forces or acts as an aide to their vicious motives will bear the responsibility to his very own punishment.' The statement quoted Shah as paying tributes to all those who were 'martyred' in the recent days and said, 'They fulfilled their due responsibility and triumphed and now it is our responsibility to follow their path so as to succeed the indigenous freedom struggle.' The LeT chief paid his thanks to the public and said, 'The sons of Kashmir are ready to take up any fight against the tyrant forces. The perpetrators will be avenged. With the prayers of the public, it will be soon that the occupiers will receive punishment for their crimes against humanity.' LeT also condemned the 'unjust arrest' of the son of United Jehad Council supremo and Hizb-ul-Mujahideen chief, Syed Salahuddin, Shakeel Yusuf, by NIA and termed the act as 'state terrorism'.