October 2018 News

Hindus, Sikhs In Kashmir Were Safe Under Hindu Kings, But Not Today: Adityanath

30 October 2018
The Wire

New Delhi: Uttar Pradesh chief minister Adityanath said on Monday that Hindus and Sikhs in Kashmir were safe in Kashmir while it was ruled by a Hindu king, but are not anymore. 'Jaise hi Hindu raja ka patan hua, Hinduon ka bhi patan hona shuru hogayaAaj wahan ki sthiti kya hai? Koi apne ko surakshit bol sakta hai? Nahi bol sakta (The downfall of Hindus began with the downfall of the Hindu kingwhat is the situation there today? Can anyone say they are safe? They cannot),' Indian Express quoted Adityanath as saying as Sikh Samagam organised by the UP BJP unit in Lucknow. 'Humein itihaas ke in kshanon se kuch sikhna chahiyeprerna prapta karni chahiyeSacchai ko swikar karna chahiye, phir iske anuroop rananiti banakarke karya karna chahiye(We should learn a lesson from these moments in historyaccept the truth and accordingly chalk out a strategy).' The UP chief minister also said that some elements were working to create differences between people. 'Jab bhi hummein bhed dalne wale log safal honge to aaj hum waise hi asurakshit honge jaise Afghanistan mein sthiti hai aajKabul ke andar, pehle pura Hindu Sikh prabhavi thaAaj matra Kabul ke andar 100 ke aspas HinduSikh bache hain aur unki sthiti bhi kitni deen heen hai. (If we allow those who try to create differences among us to succeed, our situation will be one of insecurity, which is the case in AfghanistanHindus and Sikhs used to be an influential group in Kabul, but today there are just around 100 members of these communities left there, and their condition is also very bad).' 'Koi aisi galti na hone dein jo humein Kashmir ki tarah, Afghanistan ki tarah, Pakistan ki tarah, lagatar kosti rahe(Mistakes should not be made that result in us blaming ourselves like in Kashmir, Afghanistan and Pakistan).' Adityanath is well-known for making divisive and polarising statements, and his government has been accused of targeting the state's Muslim population through police encounters and false or trumped-up cases filed under the National Security Act. He has also made the news for painting several official buildings, school buses and school bags given to children saffron, and renaming buildings, cities and airports - most recently the decision to rename Allahabad as 'Prayagraj'.