November 2018 News

69.68% Turnout In Kupwara

20 November 2018
Greater Kashmir
Muzamil Shah

Kupwara: The second phase of Panchayat election was held peacefully in north Kashmir's Kupwara with the district recording a poll percentage of 69.68 on Tuesday. Long queues of voters were seen outside the polling stations awaiting their turn to cast vote. Ghlam Mohiddin Barak of Golipora Rajwar who had just voted said, 'I voted only to save my image.' He explained: 'Last time I did not vote and my neighbours told me I was disloyal as I had not voted. So I voted today.' A local who had not cast his vote said, 'Voting simply means to betray our brothers who died in the ongoing movement.' There were strict security measures and drones were used to keep an eye on the polling station located in Rajwar woods. Meanwhile, Kupwara recorded 69.68% turnout in the second phase of Panchayat election. The election was held in three blocks Machil, Rajwar and Kupwara of Kupwara. Machil recorded 77.69% voting, Rajwar 74.1%, Kalaroos 61.13%. There were 43 Panchayat Halqas in which 106 nominations were received with 13 winning opposed. As many as 22 forms had been rejected, 1 halqa remained vacant, and elections was conducted in 29 Halqas. Similarly, 337 Panch constituencies in which 479 nominations were received, among which 156 won opposed, 50 forms were rejected and 53 wards remained vacant. The internet service was completely barred throughout the day.