December 2018 News

Those Opposing Transparency In J&K Bank Have Something To Hide: Dr Jitendra

1 December 2018
The Daily Excelsior

Jammu: Union Minister of State in PMO with Independent charge of North Eastern States, Dr Jitendra Singh while making a strong dig at the forces opposed to bringing transparency in J&K Bank, said they have something to hide as they do not want to get exposed after bringing the Bank under the purview of RTI. Talking to reporters on the sidelines of a function here today the Union Minister said he didn't see any merit in opposing the transparency in J&K Bank and lauded the decision of State Governor in declaring J&K Bank as a Public Sector Undertaking and bringing it under purview of RTI Act. 'This decision will make the working of Bank transparent and efficient and no one should feel offended with the decision', Dr Jitendra Singh said, adding instead every one should come forward and not only appreciate the people friendly decision of Governor but render his or her cooperation in total implementation of the decision. He said J&K Bank was established by Maharaja Hari Singh to provide benefit to the weakest of weak and downtrodden people and there is a need of audit whom it has given benefit during last 50 years. 'The bank was formed to benefit the poor and not a few families or the cooks working in their kitchens. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working to bring transparency in the country. If they (opposition) are against transparency that means they have something to hide,' Dr Singh said. Maintaining that BJP respects the decision of the Governor not only regarding J&K Bank but other public welfare measures taken by him, the Union Minister expressed the hope that he will take future decisions with the same grace also. Outrightly rejecting that Narendra Modi led Union Government had to do any thing with dissolution of State Assembly, Dr Jitendra Singh said that BJP does not interfere in working of Constitutional bodies. He accused the Congress of making baseless allegations in this regard out of their guilt consciousness. The Union Minister while ridiculing Congress outbursts in this regard, said 'they presume that BJP will also follow same approach but our party has highest regard for Constitution and democracy and we don't indulge in such undemocratic practices'. Dr Jitendra Singh said his party respects Governor Satya Pal Malik's decision of dissolving the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly, as it believes in maintaining the sanctity of the country's Constitutional institutions. 'The decision of the Governor (to dissolve the Assembly) is paramount for us. Keeping in mind the sanctity and honour of the institution he heads, we will accept his decisions in the future as well,' Singh said. Terming the decision of State Administrative Council (SAC) to repeal the Roshni Scheme as a decision in right direction, Dr Jitendra Singh said those who have already taken the benefit and given the proprietary rights of the land under the Act should also come under scrutiny and probe. About a Jammu University Professor allegedly referring to freedom fighter Bhagat Singh as a 'terrorist', the Union Minister said the agency concerned will take cognizance of it. 'But, a bottom line has to be drawn to maintain the patriotic and nationalistic integrity in India', he said. The bottom line has to be commitment to the integrity and supremacy of the nation and this is observed even in some of the most developed democratic countries such as the United Kingdom and the USA. 'Those who go to these countries and acquire the citizenship, they too do not utter a single world directly or indirectly which would hurt the integrity of the country where they have settled,' Dr Jitendra Singh said.