January 2019 News

Farooq Unleashes Kashmir- Specific Agenda: Brig Gupta

13 January 2019
The Daily Excelsior

Jammu: BJP State spokesperson, Brig (retd) Anil Gupta has lambasting National Conference (NC) president, Dr Farooq Abdullah for taking a pro separatist and extremist policy to gain public support in coming elections. In a statement issued here, today Brig Gupta said that while addressing a gathering at Dak Bungalow Anantnag, Dr Farooq Abdullah, left no stone unturned in exposing the extremist ideology, his party is going to adopt in order to regain power during the forthcoming elections. 'Each and every word spoken by Farooq must have sounded like music to the ears of separatists, pro-separatists and pro-Pak lobbies while they pierced the sentiments of people of Jammu & Ladakh like poisonous arrows,'. Under the misconceived notion that there is no alternative to NC this time, Farooq is trying to become a 'messiah of peace', least realising that even each and every child in Kashmir holds Abdullahs and NC responsible for the turmoil in Kashmir. 'Kashmiris, having suffered for generations, due to their blind faith in NC, are determined this time not to fall prey to its 'lollipop politics,' said Gupta. He, while making a scathing attack on NC said Kashmiris have had enough of sugar coated pills dished out by NC followed by 'vadakhilafi' (broken promises), conflicting statements to suit the political convenience of its leadership, utopian greater autonomy, dynastic and autocratic rule and 'politics of convenience'. They have realised that Abdullahs are neither sincere to them nor the people of Jammu & Ladakh but only sincere to their chair. And for saving their chair, they can sacrifice anybody including the Kashmiris. No amount of old wine in new bottles is going to please the Kashmiris this time,' added Brig Gupta. By ridiculing 'Operation All Out' and belittling Indian Army, Farooq is in no way contributing towards return of normalcy but adding fuel to the fire. Terrorism has to be finished and the efforts of the security forces and JK Police in eliminating terror cannot be made subject of electoral politics. His party has already announced that it would scrap 'Operation All Out', if returned to power. The Jammu & Ladakh regions whole heartedly oppose such a thinking of NC and will give it a befitting reply to ensure that they come nowhere even close to power, BJP leader said. Farooq is deliberately playing with words to create a misconception about proposed multi-national talks with the Taliban with the issue of holding talks with the Hurriyat, accused Brig Gupta.