January 2019 News

Sehrai Denounces Charge Sheets Against Seven Kashmiri JNU Students

16 January 2019
Kashmir News Service

Srinagar: Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Chairman Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai on Wednesday denounced the sedition charges and filing a charge sheet against the seven Kashmiri JNU students by the Delhi Police and demanded immediate withdrawal of all charges. 'The harassment of Kashmiri students at the behest of communal forces is unacceptable and must be condemned in strongest words as such incidents have serious implications,' Sehrai said in a statement issued to KNS. Sehrai said 'the persecution and serious intimidation of Kashmiris in the name of Indian national interest thus deprive them from seeking education can only be termed as worst dictatorship and is in every respect condemnable act.' 'This incident is not an isolated one against Kashmiris as in the past, similar incidents have happened in various states of the India which forcing them to drop the studies incomplete and return home,' he said. He said it is actually a deliberate hate campaign which has been unleashed on Kashmiris outside the state and it has patronage of ruling govt. Sehrai said Kashmiri youth are facing worst kind of intimidation and atrocities every where even the career of Kashmiri students outside the state is being ruined on one pretext ultra nationalism. 'The crackdown on youth & student activists as they are arrested right left and centre &slapping draconian Laws on them exposed the indian democracy badly,' he said. 'Kashmiris stand behind their new generation and students and reject these acts of persecution by Indian state and we appeal to the international community to intervene and ask Indian state to refrain from this bullying,' he added.