January 2019 News

Kashmir Turned Into Concentration Camp: Jama'at

17 January 2019
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: Jama'at -e-Islami Kashmir on Thursday alleged that entire Kashmir has been turned into a 'concentration camp.' In a statement here a Jamaat spokesman said that 'the valley looks like a concentration camp where the civil population is manned by the gun-yielding forces personnel and every civilized law being blatantly violated under the shade of some black and draconian laws in force which have virtually abrogated all the fundamental freedom of the common masses.' 'The state has devised a policy to harass, intimidate and subjugate the people under one pretext or the other thereby depriving them from living a dignified life according to their choice and aspirations,' he added. The spokesman said, 'Civilized legal system in vogue in other parts of the globe outside the Valley provides a proper safeguard to the fundamental human rights which are considered to be inalienable and unassailable but here the people have no freedom available to them except that which the security establishment allow them to enjoy.' The spokesman condemned slapping of sedition charges against seven Kashmiri students and three others in Delhi. 'This tantamounts to deprivation of the freedom of speech,' he added. The spokesman demanded the withdrawal of the charge sheet filed against seven Kashmiri students in a Delhi court for upholding the basic principles of democracy.