January 2019 News

Unfortunate Killings Of Kashmiri Pandits Dubbed As Genocide, But No Word On Gaw Kadal Massacre: Er Rasheed

21 January 2019
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: Former legislator Er Rasheed on Monday said that the 'unfortunate killings of Kashmiri Pandits' were dubbed as 'genocide' by the Indian media and politicians, but they were yet to speak a word on Gaw Kadal massacre. 'While Indian media, politicians and a section of pseudo intellectuals with a communal mindset have been often calling few unfortunate killings of Kashmiri Pandits at the hands of unknown persons as genocide but don't speak even a word on Gawkadal massacre and other worst massacres which took place in every area of Kashmir at the hands of men in uniform,' Rasheed said, in a statement today. He said the Gaw Kadal massacre reminded New Delhi and the world that after 29 years the desire to resolve Kashmir dispute has 'deepened' and that New Delhi was finding it difficult day by day to prove its narrative. He said the huge sacrifices offered by Kashmiris deserve a response within India and at the international level. 'Indian state has used its institutions and huge propaganda machinery to mislead the world community and create confusion about what Kashmiris stand for,' he said. 'New Delhi should realize that neither its denial to deliver justice to the families of Gawkadal massacre victims nor its efforts to demoralize Kashmiris through its political