January 2019 News

Killing Militants Won't End 'real Problem' In Kashmir: Governor

24 January 2019
Greater Kashmir
Bivek Mathur

Jammu: Every killing in Kashmir including that of militants disappoints me because killing militants will not end the 'real problem', governor Satya Pal Malik said on Thursday, day after three Lashkar-e-Toiba militants were killed in a gunfight with forces in northern Baramulla district. Asked about recent militant killings in Kashmir, Malik said the police are doing a commendable job, 'but trust me, every single killing in Kashmir, even that of militants, pains me'. I wish the youth shun the path of militancy and return back to their families, the governor said. The administration is also trying to formulate some fresh package for the rehabilitation of militants, he said, adding that killing of militants is no solution and 'will not end the real problem'. 'I think militancy is not in guns but in brains. We're trying to remove the militancy that is impacting brains,' he said. Malik, however, complimented forces for 'working tirelessly to protect their land'. 'The achievements of security forces are always praiseworthy. I don't need media platforms to compliment them. I am doing my best to provide them all the facilities they deserve because when we happen to be asleep at 3 am, they conduct operations in snow outside. The day I joined Jammu and Kashmir, I started working for the welfare of forces and I will keep working for them,' he said. Earlier, addressing the 9th Sat Paul Sahni memorial lecture, the governor targeted the state bureaucracy and leaders of mainstream political parties over corruption, nepotism and 'not praising the good works done in the tenure of other governments'. In a sarcastic tone, he said, 'Jitni Akal Mujhe Kashmir Aake Aai Hai Shayad Itni Picchle 50 Saalon Tak Nahi Aai. Main Yahan Ki Bureaucracy Se Seekh Raha Hun Ke Ek File Ko Ek Table Se Dusre Table Tak Le Jaane Ke Liye 4 Mahine Kaise Lagte Hain. Yahan Ke Netaon Se Seekh Raha Hun Ke Wohi Kaam Jo Unhone Apni Sarkar Main Kiye, Koi Aur Kare To Kharab Kaise Hote Hain (I added more to my wisdom in Kashmir than I collectively added in the last 50 years elsewhere. I am learning from the bureaucracy in J&K how to take four months to pass a file from one table to the other. From the politicians of this state, I am learning how to deprecate same works in other governments and praise in their own'. He also spoke about how influential people recommend clearance of some files from the governor's office 'for their personal interests'. 'I have also seen the type of influential people, who earn crores of rupees out of some contracts by recommending the passage of files from governor's office, but I have never let these types of people use my office because governor's office is not for pleasing the rich people by listening to their recommendations'. 'Rather, I have cancelled contracts worth crores of rupees in which the interests of the rich and influential people were involved and I was praised for doing so by people sitting above me and the general masses of the state,' Malik said. He, however, said he strongly believes that people in the state 'still have in them some integrity left'. 'If I live here (in J&K) for another four to five years, I will definitely write a book about my experiences in the state,' Malik said. Former Jammu University vice-chancellor professor Amitabh Mattoo also addressed the 9th Sat Pal Sahni memorial lecture.