January 2019 News

Musharaf's 4-point Formula A Way To Resolving Kashmir: Tehreek-e-Insaaf

29 January 2019
Greater Kashmir
Auqib Salam

Srinagar: Tehreek-e-Insaaf Jammu Kashmir Tuesday said the nearly forgotten four-point formula proposed by former Pakistan President, Pervez Musharraf during his term should be implemented to pave a way for resolving Kashmir. President of the TeI, Mohammad Adil Hussain Hadi claimed that the four-point formula had wide acceptance and that its implementation could prove to be a founding stone for resolving the dispute over Kashmir. Speaking to reporters at the Press Club here, Hadi said prime ministers of India and Pakistan should rise above their party manifestoes and think beyond politics of hate and animosity, adding that the four-point formula had the potential to be the peace model for whole of south Asia. Hadi said Narendra Modi and Imran Khan should adopt the route of dialogue and initiate some major confidence building measures to earn the trust of the people in India in general and Kashmir in particular. But at the same time, Hadi said a referendum was the key to resolve Kashmir. 'We believe that Kashmir issue should be addressed as per the UN resolution where plebiscite is the main element of the Kashmir resolution,' Hadi said. 'A number of wars have been fought between the two countries and there have been a number of bilateral talks which did not yield anything. It is high time that both the PMs of India and Pakistan should come together and take some bold steps for the resolution of Kashmir.' The TeI chief called for boosting economic and cultural ties between India and Pakistan for uplifting of the marginalised sections of both the countries. Hadi said CPEC and OBOR contained economic opportunities for both the countries. 'Pakistan should invite India formally join the CPEC and OBOR and the move will be a great confidence building measure and will help both countries,' the president of TeI said.