February 2019 News

LeT Condemns 'unjust' Arrest Of Hurriyat Leadership

23 February 2019
Kashmir News Service

Srinagar: Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) Saturday strongly condemned what they termed as unjust arrest of Hurriyat leadership and atrocities and restrictions imposed on Kashmiri students studying in different universities across India. In an e-mailed statement issued to KNS, LeT spokesman quoted the outfit chief Mahmood Shah as saying that 'biased Indian media and Modi government are manipulating Hindu population on anti-Islam agenda and attacking Kashmiris and Indian Muslims thereby exhibiting state terrorism.' 'Indian government has turned itself into madness and is compensating its frustration through terrorism rather than accepting its failure. Nevertheless Modi government must know that those who set ablaze the house of others, undoubtedly burn their own homes. Hundreds more will rise on the martyrdom of a single Kashmiri. India will never be able to sustain its 70 years long occupation anymore,' Shah said. Shah strongly condemned and expressed grief on the ban imposed on a pro-Kashmiri organization by Pakistan and said that 'such measures are nothing but a betrayal to the sentiments of Kashmiris.' 'Every nation today makes decisions on the grounds of their national strategic interests. However, decisions made under foreign pressure have always turned out to be false and in negation to national and strategic interests,' he said. Shah paid their thanks to the Sikh community for protecting the Kashmiri students, traders and drivers from radical Hindu mobs and said that 'such acts are evident to the fact that humanity still thrives its traditions today.' 'India wishes to amplify its atrocities and terrorism by installing 100 companies in Jammu Kashmir which has yet again exposed the vicious anti-Kashmir motives of India. The international community and international human rights organizations must declare India a terrorist state on the grounds of its proven war crimes and state terrorism,' shah said.