March 2019 News

NC Rejects Sajad Lone's Allegations, Says It Reveals His 'political Bankruptcy'

29 March 2019
Kashmir Reader

Srinagar: The National Conference on Friday rejected the allegations of the Peoples Conference president Sajad Gani Lone, saying that the allegations exhibit his 'mental frustration and political bankruptcy'. Lone Thursday hit out at the National Conference leadership, saying Abdullahs were the 'real architects' of erosion of special status to Jammu and Kashmir and they can no longer befool people. It was Indira-Abdullah accord that stopped tempo of unremitting assaults and strides on our Special status by New Delhi. The special political and constitutional allowance that was achieved by Sher-e-Kashmir through Delhi agreement saw continuous unbridled onslaught from New Delhi through its henchmen after the dismissal and unconstitutional arrest of Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah in 1953,' said NC spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar while rebuffing the remark of PC president as an invariable attempt to distort history - according to the statement. 'Whilst Sher-e-Kashmir was serving penitentiary and confinement, New Delhi through its henchmen destroyed the basic constitutional structure of our state be it from changing the nomenclature and standing of Sadar-e-Riyasat, Prime minister and extending the jurisdiction of various central institutions to the state. There is nothing in the accord that undermines the sanctity of our special status. On the contrary the accord allows the legislature to review certain laws extended to the state after 1953,' he said. 'Through this accord the central government led by Indira Gandhi in 'agreed conclusions' reaffirmed that the state of Jammu and Kashmir shall in its relation with the union government be governed by Art 370 of the Indian constitution. The residuary powers were to remain with the state. The state was allowed to make laws on various matters. The accord unequivocally and unarguably attested the special character of the state within the union of India,' he added Imran said that PSA has no remotest relation with Indira- Abdullah Accord, 'Public Safety Act is a pre British era act. Various states in India continued with it post-independence. Our version of PSA was mild and enacted to deal with forest smugglers. However, the law was given more teeth and made strict by Jagmohan in 1990's. Now we have taken it upon over selves to do away with it in totality once voted to power with strong mandate.' Imran maintained that whenever National Conference was away from the power corridors of the state, the forces as are inimical to our special character got a field to destroy it. 'Never in history has our party allowed anybody to abridge the constitutional safe guards conferred upon us by the very constitution of India. We have always shown resoluteness and steadfastness in protecting our state's identity and integrity,' he said Taking a dig at PC president, Imran said, 'Sajad Gani Lone lacks the moral disposition to sling mud on others. He should come clean on his own doings. Being a part and parcel of former PDP-BJP led coalition; he never raised his voice against the implementation of GST in the state, which dented the financial autonomy of our state.' 'We didn't see him raise his voice against the implementation of National food security act. We didn't see him fight for Art 370, Art 35A when in power. We only saw him fight for getting plush cabinet posts and berths. On the contrary his adoration and veneration for Modi passed all the limits of servitude,' he said.