April 2019 News

Will Resolve Kashmir Issue Through Large Hearted Approach: Congress

4 April 2019
Rising Kashmir

Srinagar: India Congress Committee (AICC) spokesperson Meem Afzal Thursday said the solution to the Kashmir issue requires a 'large hearted' approach-which the Congress would adopt if voted to power at the centre. a press conference here, the AICC spokesperson said the Prime Minister Modi led BJP government has used Kashmir issue to spread hatred in the country among various communities. common people in other parts of India aren't being apprised about the history of the Kashmir issue. They don't know what Article 370 is about,' Afzal said, adding that ground situation of Kashmir is being portrayed in a very wrong light in the country. said the Kashmiri leaders need to take the lead in representing Kashmir and its ground situation. said since 2014 the situation in the Valley has worsened and people in the country are very worried about the prevailing situation. said the Congress party would hold a dialogue with all stakeholders with no preconditions as was done in the past by successive governments at the centre. will revisit the Armed Forces Special Powers Act along with Disturbed Areas Act in J&K,' Afzal said, adding that BJP has no moral high ground to term Congress party anti-national because under their rule AFSPA was withdrawn from areas of Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya. it comes to Kashmir the BJP makes all hue and cry but in other parts they have revoked AFSPA. We want to just review it in J&K,' Afzal said. said during previous Congress government at the centre, the AFSPA amd other such acts were already enforced but they were never used blatantly as is the case now. the ban on civilian vehicular traffic on National Highway for two days in a week, Afzal said the government should keep civilian concerns in view along with providing protection to the forces. Afzal Congress state unit Vice President Ghulam Nabi Monga said the ban on civilian traffic is 'unjust' and 'uncalled' for. said the party would urge the government to revisit the ban and devise a mechanism to allow civilians and forces to travel on the only highway connecting Valley with the rest of India. while enunciating on the party's General election manifesto, Afzal said the party would abolish the current sedition law which was adopted from the British era. has made hate politics mainstream in last 5 years of their rule. They have booked those who dissent. We will repeal such laws,' he said, adding that politics of hate in the country has had a direct impact on Kashmir and its populace. He said the party would also put a stop to the rumour mongering and several news media which under the BJP have spread canards inbthe country in general and Kashmir in particular.