June 2019 News

Urdu Journalism Losing The Plot In Kashmir: Speakers

20 June 2019
Rising Kashmir
Rabiya Bashir

Srinagar: Journalists, scholars, academicians on Thursday stressed the need to promote Urdu journalism and language across the state at the seminar at University of Kashmir. Spokesperson, Jammu and Kashmir Urdu council, Javaid Iqbal Kirmani said that there is a sharp decline of Urdu language in Kashmir and it has affected the Urdu journalism as well. He said the readership of Urdu newspapers has declined and they have never seen any youngster carrying the Urdu paper or books in his-her hands. 'So, Jammu and Urdu council tried to gather all the people associated with the language and discuss the challenges, problems and why the youngsters are not opting the field of Urdu,' he said. With an aim to encourage Urdu journalists and create awareness about the importance and need of Urdu Journalism in Kashmir, the seminar was organised by the Jammu and Kashmir Urdu council at Ibn-e -Khaldoon auditorium at Kashmir University. The speakers said that the Urdu is not the language of particular religion. It is the language of all religions and communities. Speaking on the occasion, Hamid Naseem Rafiabadi, Head, Department of Religious Studies, Central University of Kashmir(CUK) said that Urdu is a rich historic language which has played a significant role in the past as well. He said the people should show love and respect towards the urdu language, as it is also the part of our culture and they must promote it. 'We have a great history of Urdu journalism in Kashmir and still it is flourishing. Journalists in Kashmir have always showed bravery and courage to work in the field against all odds. So, the importance of Urdu journalism is very important and young generation should excel in this field,' he said. The speakers advised the youngsters to take Urdu journalism seriously as there is a lot of scope in it in the future. Senior journalist and BBC Srinagar correspondent, Riyaz Masroor said that the history of Urdu journalism was very rich and it has faced many challenges as well. Masroor said that it is an era of technology-the online media has not affected the Urdu journalism and print. 'There are Urdu apps, online portals, YouTube and other online mediums, where Urdu can be promoted and viewership will be good,' he said. 'Besides, speaking and writing in Urdu language, Urdu journalists should also speak and write in English as it is a global language. It is very important to encourage Urdu journalists and give them a good salary, so that they can balance the needs of their livelihood,' he said. Senior faculty and former head, Media Education Research Center (MERC), University of Kashmir, Prof Nasir Mirza spoke on the many challenges and pitfalls before the Urdu media in the state. 'There are many challenges like print versus online, internet free news model, lack of professional, objective journalism and lack of reader feedback,' he said. He said that there is a need to encourage the working journalists. 'Urdu language is very beautiful and rich language. There is a need to involve all the communities together to help promote the Urdu journalism in the state,' he said. Members from All Private Schools Association, Kashmir, Shahbaz Haqbari and others associated with the Urdu language were also present and spoke on the occasion. Later a citation and momento were given to the 3 news agencies in Kashmir.