June 2019 News

New Delhi Has Realized Futility Of Muscular Policy: PC

26 June 2019
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: Welcoming the central government's 'dialogue offer to Hurriyat Conference leadership,' the People's Conference (PC) senior vice- president Abdul Gani Vakil today termed it a positive development and a step towards right direction. 'The government of India (GoI) has realized the gravity of the situation and futility of muscle policy and is now willing to open dialogue channels with the Hurriyat Conference,' Vakil, in a statement today, said, adding that only sustained interaction and dialogue could arrest the trend of death and destruction and bring peace to the valley. Vakil said, 'Both sides must understand that this endless wait for a meaningful dialogue is seriously hitting the development and making people suffer for no fault of theirs. Tourism is in shambles, youth are suffering for want of employment, development is stagnated, people are alienated and sense of insecurity is increasing among the people.' Vakil hoped that the Home Minister, on his visit to Kashmir, would send out a positive message on the resumption of dialogue with all stakeholders in Kashmir. He said it would not only be in the best interests of the people of the state but the entire country.