July 2019 News

Modi Govt Will Resolve Kashmir Issue Even Without Talks: Rajnath Singh

21 July 2019
Greater Kashmir
Syed Amjad Shah

Kathua: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday said that Government of India knows the 'art' to resolve Kashmir issue even without holding talks. 'Even if no one comes forward to hold talks, still we will resolve the Kashmir issue. I want to tell you whether talks are held, or not. But, we will resolve it. How it will happen? We know the art to end Kashmir issue. Kashmir kisamasyakahal ho key raheyga, duniyaki koi taqatnahi rook shaktihai (Resolution of Kashmir issue is bound to happen and no power on earth can stop it),' Singh, said while addressing a gathering at Samba. He asked the people to have faith in him and added 'whatever I say, I say with full responsibility.' 'As Union Home Minister from 2014-19 in Modi Government I made all possible efforts to hold talks with the people in Kashmir. However, there was cold response as no one came forward,' he said. 'I tried my best to persuade the Kashmiri leaders for dialogue. I also asked the major political leaders, including then Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, to bring them on dialogue table. We did not stop here, we sent a Parliamentary delegation, but they (separatists) closed their doors.' Singh slammed the separatists saying that 'they are using children to pelt stones. The children of separatists are studying in foreign countries but they are spoiling our future generations by pushing them towards stone pelting and violence.' The Union Home Minister said that 'Azadi will not be acceptable to anyone in the country. Today, our nation is developing and entire world has acknowledged the efforts of Prime Minister NarendraModi. Those seeking Azadi for Kashmir have failed to tell the youth what kind of Azadi they are talking about. Which nation has inspired their Azadi? Whether they want Azadi like Pakistan? Such Azadi won't be acceptable to anyone,' he said. Singh said that 'Government of India wants to create such an atmosphere in Kashmir that the children - who are not only future of Kashmir, but of the country as well - contribute to make India strong. ' He said, 'I want to see J&K as a paradise where tourists not only from India, but from across the globe come. However, some elements are trying to stop development in Kashmir, and destroy the communal brotherhood in the Valley though their evil designs,' he added. 'Today our country is moving fast on every front and the entire world is acknowledging this reality(you) have faith that in the next 10 to 11 years, India will replace America, Russia or China to become one of the top three economies in the world,' he said. 'Prime Minister NarendraModi is of the same viewBy 2030-31, if we want India to join the three top economies of the world, we have to speed up the work on basic infrastructure,' he said. 'J&K will be militancy free soon. Not only India but international community has also joined hands to collectively fight militancy,' Singh told reporters at Kathua. Hinting at tough measures to curb militancy in Kashmir in a coordinated manner, Singh said that 'the militancy in present scenario is a global concern and the nations that have suffered are ready to fight collectively to end this menace.' 'Militants, who made Kashmir a hell, have been contained to an extent successfully by force,' he said. Lauding the Army, police and other security forces were performing their duties very well and 'they will succeed'. Singh said that as former Union Home Minister he initiated many developmental works in Jammu and Kashmir. Addressing a rally in Samba Singh said that border residents are 'strategic assets' for the Government. 'Without the support of border residents success cannot be achieved. If the border areas are developed, nation is developed as well,' he said. He said that ' As Union Home Minister I visited border areas many a times with my colleague DrJitendra Singh. During my visits, I was apprised about many issues being faced by the border residents.' 'One of their demands was to construct bunkers along the border. As Union Home Minister I had sanctioned 15000 bunkers for the civilian population along the International Border to remain safe during shelling from Pakistan,' he said. 'We enhanced the compensation or ex-gratia for people and for cattle that get killed in shelling. And, same has been implemented by the government. Modi government passed a bill giving three percent reservation to the border residents,' Singh added.