August 2019 News

UK, Germany, Singapore Issue Advisory Against Travel To J&K

3 August 2019
Kashmir Observer

New Delhi: NEW DELHI - UK, Germany and Singapore issued travel advisory 'strongly' discouraging their citizens from travelling to Jammu and Kashmir due to the recent security alert in the state and asked those staying in the Kashmir Valley or along the Armanath Yatra pilgrimage route to leave the state. 'Travel to Kashmir is strongly discouraged,' Germany said. 'In the state of Jammu and Kashmir bomb attacks have been carried out in recent decades and also recently, which claimed many lives. 'Individual actions directed against foreigners, including abductions, cannot be ruled out in the entire region. Part curfews were imposed,' the advisory added. Travel to the Kashmir area, including Srinagar, is not advised, it said. 'In the state of Jammu and Kashmir, terrorist acts of violence and unpredictable conflicts between demonstrators and the police or the army are also taking place. Since September 2016, there have also been renewed armed clashes between Indian and Pakistani troops as well as with various separatist groups along the international border and the ceasefire line (LoC). 'In the Jammu area, the security situation is basically stable. However, unpredictable violent clashes between protesters and security forces are also possible there. 'In the part of Ladakh the security situation is basically stable. However, individual terrorist activities can not be ruled out. In the direct border regions, clashes can occur between Indian and Pakistani and Indian and Chinese security forces,' it said. It asked citizens to 'always follow the instructions of local authorities and security forces'. The state government has advised the Amarnath Yatra pilgrims and tourists to leave the valley keeping in view of the 'latest intelligence inputs of terror threats'. Earlier in the day, the UK issued a travel advisory for its citizens travelling to Jammu and Kashmir, warning against travel to the state, except Jammu city and Ladakh, after the Indian government advised Amarnath pilgrims and tourists to leave in view of the security situation. Meanwhile, Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) also issued a travel advisory for Jammu and Kashmir, citing the 'uncertain security situation' in the region. 'The Government of Jammu and Kashmir has advised tourists and pilgrims to leave Kashmir immediately because of security threats,' MFA said in its advisory. In its advisory, MFA also said that Singaporeans should defer all non-essential travel to Jammu and Kashmir, given the uncertain security situation there. Those travelling to other parts of India are advised to stay vigilant and take all necessary precautions to ensure their personal safety, it said.