September 2019 News

India's Action On Kashmir 'unacceptable': US Presidential Hopeful Sanders

1 September 2019
Live Mint
Elizabeth Roche

New Delhi: In a boost of sorts for Pakistan, the 2020 Democratic US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has said India's action in revoking a provision in its constitution granting special status to Jammu and Kashmir was 'unacceptable.' 'I'm deeply concerned about the situation...Indian government has instituted a communications blackout,' he is reported to have said. 'The crackdown is denying people access to medical care,' he said, adding that the 'blackout must be lifted immediately.' The comments may com as a relief for Pakistan as its attempts to garner support for mediation from the Donald Trump administration haven't met much success so far. Last week Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a meeting with US president Trump politely refused any mediation by the US president, adding that all issues would be sorted out between India and Pakistan bilaterally. He was referring to a spike in tensions between the neighbours after India revoked article 370 of the constitution and reorganised the state into two centrally administered union territories - redrawing the framework of any future dialogue with Pakistan on Kashmir that India and Pakistan claim in full. Pakistan has pledged to continue raising the issue at various international fora, alleging human rights violations after India imposed restrictions in the region ahead of revoking the special status for Kashmir. Its prime minister Imran Khan is scheduled to speak at the UN General Assembly on the same day as prime minister Modi - i.e. on 27 September.