September 2019 News

'Will Visit Srinagar Myself': Chief Justice Reacts To Claim On High Court

16 September 2019
A Vaidyanathan

New Delhi: Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi today said he would visit Jammu and Kashmir, if needed, to check on allegations by a child rights activist that it was difficult accessing the High Court there amid security restrictions that have been in place since August 5, when the centre ended special status to the state. The Supreme Court was hearing a petition by child rights activist Enakshi Ganguly on the state of children between six and 18 years because of the restrictions in Jammu and Kashmir. 'You want things done under the aegis of the High Court, you can go there,' the court said to the activist. 'It is difficult to go to the High Court,' said her lawyer Huzefi Ahmadi. Chief Justice Gogoi responded: 'Why is it difficult to go to the Jammu and Kashmir High Court? Is anyone coming in the way? We want to know from the Chief Justice (High Court). If required, I will go to the Jammu and Kashmir High Court.' He added: 'It's very, very serious if people are unable to approach the High Court. I will myself visit Srinagar.' The Supreme Court, calling upon the High Court Chief Justice to submit a report, said: 'The petitioner alleges access to the High Court is seriously affected.' Chief Justice Gogoi said: 'After getting a report I will go to the Jammu and Kashmir High Court.' If the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Justice's report indicated anything to the contrary, Justice Gogoi warned the lawyer, 'then be ready for the consequences.'