September 2019 News

Win PoK Not By War But By Making Jammu And Kashmir Prosperous: Governor Satya Pal Malik

18 September 2019
The Indian Express
Bashaarat Masood

Srinagar: Taking a swipe at BJP leaders and ministers who have been speaking on Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, J&K Governor Satya Pal Malik Wednesday said he is against war to take back PoK. He said rapid development of J&K will ensure the return of PoK to India. Malik's remarks come in the wake of statements by several BJP leaders including Union ministers - Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had said future bilateral talks with Pakistan will only be on PoK while Home Minister Amit Shah had told Lok Sabha that PoK and Aksai Chin have always belonged to India. On Tuesday, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar had spoken of India's 'physical jurisdiction' over PoK 'one day'. Speaking at a function to mark the launch of several power projects in J&K - it was also attended by Power Minister R K Singh - Malik said: 'Over the last 10-15 days, I have been seeing that many of our ministers, who don't get a chance to speak on international issues, have been talking of attacks on PoK, how we will take back PoK, will capture PoK, that PoK is the next target. This is their thinking. I say if PoK is our next target, instead of war, we can take it back on the basis of development of Jammu and Kashmir.' 'If we give respect to the people of Jammu and Kashmir make, demonstrate a bright future for the children here, bring businesses here I guarantee that in a year, there will be a revolt in PoK and you will get PoK without war. Everyone in PoK will start saying I want to go to the other side,' he said. While on power projects, Malik said: 'In Jammu and Kashmir, we used to have a Roshni Act. The aim was that unutilised government land should be allotted to people, sold and the money generated used for roshni, bijli. It was implemented in such a way that there was a scam of Rs 25,000 crore.' He said he had handed over the case to the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB). 'When I came here, I first annulled it (the scheme). A week ago, Chief Secretary sahib, others and I were together. We decided that if we don't investigate it, all our talk against corruption will sound hollow. We have asked the ACB to open the case, investigate it,' he said.