September 2019 News

Modi Targets Pak For Support To Terror; Says 370 Encouraged Separatism

22 September 2019

Houston: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today hit out at Pakistan for its support to terrorism and said India's decision to nullify Article 370 has caused trouble to those who cannot handle their country as he called for a decisive battle against terrorism. Making a strong pitch against terrorism at the 'Howdy Modi' event in the presence of US President Donald Trump, who joined the mega event in a rare gesture of friendship, Modi asked crowd to give Trump a standing ovation, as he targeted Pakistan and its Prime Minister Imran Khan, without directly naming them. 'Article 370 encouraged terrorism and separatism in Jammu and Kashmir,' he said, asserting that its nullification will allow development and prosperity in the region and end discrimination against women, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. 'Where do you find conspirators of 9-11 and 26-11 terror attacks,' Modi said, referring to terror attacks in the US and Mumbai and called for a 'decisive battle' against terrorism. He also asked people to give standing ovation to Indian Parliamentarians for their nod to revoking Article 370, which gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir Modi also underscored his Government's push for development in India, saying it is the most 'discussed' word in the country as his Government is 'aiming high and achieving higher'. Addressing a huge cheering crowd, which organisers said totalled over 50,000, Modi said the presence of such a big gathering is not confined to arithmetic and that people are seeing new history and chemistry being made. Earlier US President Donald Trump vowed to protect innocent civilians from the threat of radical Islamic terrorism and said border security is vital to both America and India as he emphasised on bolstering further the Indo-US security relationship. Addressing 'Howdy, Modi' event, Trump said the two countries will soon sign several defence deals to bolster their relationship. The President said over the last decade, India and US' defence cooperation has reached USD 18 billion. 'We are committed to protect innocent civilians from the threat of radical Islamic terrorism,' the US president said. 'India and the US also understand that to keep our community safe, we must protect our borders. Border security is vital to the United States. Border Security is vital to India. And we understand that,' Trump said as Prime Minister Modi was seen clapping. India accuses Pakistan of providing safe haven to terror groups, which carry out attacks in the neighbouring countries. 'We are further taking unprecedented action to secure our southern border (with Mexico) and stop illegal immigration,' Trump said while the crowed cheered. He said illegal immigration is unfair to legal immigrants who pay taxes and obey laws. During his nearly 25-minute speech, Trump praised Modi's economic reforms and said these reforms have lifted more than three million people out of poverty. 'And that is an incredible number,' he added. 'Together we will continue to deepen our ties, advance cutting edge technology and lift millions and millions out of poverty,' Trump said. 'In both India and the US, we're seeing something remarkable: Our people are prospering like never before because we are slashing bureaucracy and cutting red tape,' Trump said. 'India has never had a better friend in the White House than President Donald Trump. My administration fights for you every day,' Trump said. He then praised his own administration's economic record, which he said created 70,000 new Texas manufacturing jobs. 'Unemployment in Texas is currently at the lowest rate ever recorded in the history of our country, and unemployment in the United States has just reached the lowest level in over 51 years,' he said. He said that over the last two years, unemployment among Indian-Americans dropped by one-third. Noting that the US is the No 1 producer of oil and natural gas on the planet, Trump said he was thrilled to hear about the Indian company's pledge to purchase up to 5 million tonnes of LNG a year from the US, which could lead to billions of dollars of LNG exports to India in the coming years.' 'India has never invested in the United States like it's doing today,' Trump said, adding 'I want to say, it's reciprocal, because we're doing the same in India.' Trump said in November the US and India will demonstrate dramatic progress of their defence relationship, holding the first-ever trilateral-service military exercise between our nations - 'Tiger Triumph'. 'Prime Minister Modi and I have come to Houston to celebrate everything that defines the India-America relationship,' Trump said. He described Modi as 'a great man, a great leader and my friend.' The US president also praised the contributions of the Indian-Americans, saying they have enriched 'our culture and uplifted our values. We are proud to have them as Americans.'