November 2019 News

PDP Questions Govt.'s Claim To Hold Polls In JK Amid Lockdown

16 November 2019
Kashmir News Service

Jammu: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Saturday questioned the government decision of holding polls in Jammu and Kashmir, asking how elections could be held in a situation when leaders of major political groups have been detained in hordes. Addressing media at the party head office here, PDP leader Parvez Wafa said that the way in which the authorities are mulling to hold polls will be unjustified, ironic and uncalled for. He said that since the leadership of major political parties and important office leaders are held under detention, the idea of holding polls itself looses the relevance and is contrary to the democratic ideas. 'Since in a democratic set up, polls are a part of mechanism which delegates power to the people to choose their representatives and it is the duty of the state to ensure free and fair elections,' Wafa said. According to the PDP leader, the party leaders and workers had requested authorities to allow a delegation to meet the party president Mehbooba Mufti but they were denied permission even though national conference leaders were allowed to meet their leadership under detention. He said instead of granting us the permission the family members were also restricted to meet the PDP President. Such a behaviour in all cases is definitely unlawful and unjustified, he said. He urged the authorities that the detained leaders must be released at an earliest as it is adding to the uncertainty in the region. Moreover, it is ironic that the people are not allowed to meet their leaders and get their grievances addressed and the feeling of being unattended adds to the alienation of masses. He also said that since August 5, this year, there has been a rhetoric abort Kashmir only approach and it is ironic that nobody is talking about Jammu. This misunderstanding needs to be cleared that Jammu and Kashmir is not Kashmir only and there are two regions united as one. 'The people of Jammu too have issues, concerns and aspirations which need to be addressed on priority,' he said. Wafa said that on one side the authorities claim that the situation has been stabilised and it is questionable why internet continues to remain blocked. He urged the authorities to lift the gag sans any delay.