December 2019 News

Mayor Wins Floor Test, BJP Alleges Foul Play

26 December 2019
The Tribune

Srinagar: Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) Mayor Junaid Azim Mattu on Thursday appeared for a floor test and proved his majority. A number of councillors, supported by the ruling BJP, had moved a no-confidence motion for his removal. Mattu was supported by 50 councillors of the total 70. The issue at the SMC has been continuing for last one week after several councillors, who said they were 40 in number, including four from the BJP, moved a resolution to remove Mattu as the head of the corporation as they accused him of failing to work towards the 'development of Srinagar city'. 'The BJP played a game and said councillors were against the Mayor. He was even ready to step down but the councillors came and supported him. He has proven his majority in front of the media and will continue to work for the betterment of Srinagar city,' said one of the councillors, Mohammad Lateef, who supported Mattu. Mattu, in a press conference at a private hotel in Srinagar, said the councillors were with him. 'I was chosen democratically and the BJP is playing a game,' he said. The no-confidence motion was also moved against Deputy Mayor Sheikh Imran, who was removed as 49 councillors of the total 70 supported his removal. BJP general secretary Ashok Kaul said they had not moved the resolution for the removal of the Srinagar Mayor and had just supported the councillors who had moved it. 'We only supported the Independent councillors. But the Mayor did the floor test unconstitutionally. He was supposed to appear for the test at 2 pm but he did so at 11 am only, which is against the law. We will seek an answer from the government. The Mayor is not working and only suppressing the corporators. It is a money game.' After a floor test on Thursday, Mattu retained his position as the head of the Srinagar corporation.