February 2020 News

Polices Special-22 Set To Tackle Militants Attacks

7 February 2020
Brighter Kashmir

Srinagar: To counter militants attacks , Jammu and Kashmir Police have constituted 'Special 22' member team of commandos named as 'Crisis Response Team' on the pattern of Para Commandos of Indian Army. 'To deal with militant activities, 'Special 22' commandos team of Jammu Police has been set up named as 'Crisis Response Team' and they are laced with hi-tech gadgets and refined weaponry,' sources said .They further said that the team takes 4 to 5 minutes to deal with the situation, adding, 'in January 13 Nagrota encounter, not only Jammu Police, Army and Paramilitary Forces eliminated the three Pakistani origin Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists but also arrested three terrorists and the commandos of 'Crisis Response Team ' equally contributed their role in the operation.' 'With the help of modern weapons and drones, it is with restraint and bravery towards the enemy's base, these 22 police commandos of Jammu Police have been made part of the recently formed Crisis Response Team,' sources said. They further added that till now, Special Operations Group commandos used to be involved in fighting terror in Jammu and Kashmir, but in view of many other responsibilities including law and order, narcotics, cyber-crime, 'Crisis Response Team' has been formed, which will be exclusively fighting against terrorism.' 'Police have included 22 such youths into the team, who are focused only on their training. These commandos are not involved into normal policing and they spend most of their time in training. Keeping in mind the geographical conditions of Jammu and Kashmir, the training of these commandos has been specially designed,' sources added. They said that the training preferably includes forest and general search operation, for which they are also trained to run many modern equipment including drones. 'Along with search operations, the team of 22 commandos have also been given training in Jungle Warfare,' sources said and added that along with this, they have also been equipped with many modern tools to prevent the natural factors such as inclement weather, darkness, climatic conditions or fog, so that they do not face any hindrance at the time of combat operations.' 'One can imagine that these commandos are so focused and sharp that they take just five minutes of time to get ready and try for any counter insurgency operation,' sources added and said, 'in recent terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir, most of the terrorists were hiding in residential house or buildings but these commandos of the 'Crisis Response Team' have also been mastered and trained to conduct operations in such situations and free any hostages from the clutches of the terrorists.' Sources also added that the commandos have also been trained of scanning across the walls with the help of special cameras used in combat operations while Jammu and Kashmir Police is also training them to catch terrorists alive during an operation. 'The commandos can also appeal to the terrorists to surrender through the speakers installed in the drones and hi-tech gadgets they are handling,' sources added.