February 2020 News

Mehbooba 'collaborating With Separatists': PSA Dossier

8 February 2020
Brighter Kashmir

Srinagar: The PSA dossier prepared by the administration against former chief minister and PDP president Mehbooba Mufti accuses her of attempts 'to collaborate with separatists'. The dossier against Mehbooba Mufti underlines that there were 'confidential reports' suggesting she was 'collaborating with the separatists'. It also mentions, where she called for 'dignity to militants after death' and accused 'the Army of using chemical weapons against them'. The dossier also mentions her tweets opposing the triple talaq law passed by the BJP-led government and critical remarks over the lynching of Muslims in the country. Terming Ms. Mufti 'a vocal voice' against the Centre's move reading down Article 370, the dossier listed a number of speeches made by her and specifically mentioned two controversial speeches. In a speech in July 2019, she is cited as having said: 'Article 35A kay saath cheed chaad karna barood ko haath laganay kay barabar hoga. Jo haath 35A ke saath chhedd chaadd karne ke liye uthenge wo haath hi nahi wo saara jism jal ke raakh ho jaega.' Asserting that tampering with Article 35A would be akin to lighting a powder keg, she is said to have warned that any such tampering would engulf the hands making such an attempt. In another speech, she is claimed to have said: 'No one will be left in J&K to unfurl the tricolour if Article 370 goes'.