February 2020 News

Foreign Envoys Briefed By Army On Security Situation In Jammu And Kashmir

13 February 2020

Srinagar: Army officials today briefed the delegation of foreign envoys visiting Jammu and Kashmir on the security situation in Srinagar. The 25-member delegation arrived in Srinagar on Wednesday on a two-day visit as part of a union government-facilitated trip to help the envoys have a first-hand assessment of the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, which faced months of restrictions after its special status was revoked in August. The envoys were briefed about the security situation at Badami Bagh Cantonment, officials said. The delegation later flew to Jammu for further engagements, they said. The group comprises envoys from Afghanistan, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, the European Union, France, Germany, Republic of Guinea, Hungary, Italy and Kenya. Envoys from Kyrgyztan, Mexico, Namibia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Rwanda, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Uganda and Uzbekistan are also part of it. This is the second batch of foreign envoys visiting the union territory in the last one month. The government had taken a group of 15 envoys to Jammu and Kashmir last month with an aim to make them see the efforts to bring back normalcy in the Kashmir Valley.