February 2020 News

Kashmir Decision Was Not Taken Suddenly: Ram Madhav

23 February 2020
The Hindu

Chennai: In this session BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav speaks to The Hindu's Associate Editor Narayan Lakshman. Speaking on the BJP's decision regarding Article 370, Mr. Ram Madhav says, 'Kashmir is not a gambit, it's a decision taken with full thinking. It's not brought about suddenly. We have been consistently seeing for the past 70 years that we will do away with Article 370. From 1954 successive governments have diluted it. 'Based on security assessment the detention of former CMs has been extended. We want them also to resume political activity as soon as security assessment is favourable. 'All political parties should start engaging in normal political activities in Kashmir. Our focus is on early restoration of activities... There are traffic jam in Kashmir today, which means [there is] absolute normalcy. 'Next vacation, spend it in Jammu and Kashmir. If you want to go on a pilgrimage, go to Amarnath or Vaishno Devi. If you want to go on your honeymoon, go to Gulmarg.' Speaking on the Ayodhya issue, he says 'It has been reported extensively. Let us now leave it to Supreme Court. Five acres of land has been allocated for the mosque. Babri Masjid Action Committee has no objections. Let us not reinvent problems where they don't exist.' Speaking on CAA, he says 'There are a lot of misconceptions about CAA. It is just an amendment to the existing ACT. It does not discriminate. It is only for fast-tracking of the provisions. Governments in Pakistan and Bangladesh have realised that they have to take care of their minorities' He says, 'It is wrong to say that NPR is discriminatory. There is nothing controversial about it. No state govt has constitutional provision to say they won't implement it. PM has stated that no discussion on NRC has happened. Even if it happens, govt will take feedback from all states. 'Assam NRC was not done by us. It was done because court wanted it to be done. It was an unfinished agenda in Assam. Delayed for six decades If any future NRC happens in the country, what will happen to this NRC?' He says the Government has a performance-centric approach. 'Steps were taken for demonetisation with good intent, but Indians are more intelligent than the government. 'Our focus is on boosting GDP growth, greater GDP output, more exports, more jobs and investments in infrastructure,' he says.