March 2020 News

Need Policy For Sufism In Jammu And Kashmir: Clerics To Amit Shah

15 March 2020
The Economic Times
Vasudha Venugopal

New Delhi: A delegation of All India Sufi Sajjadanashin Council met Union home minister Amit Shah on Sunday and urged him for a structured government policy to take Sufism to every household in the Valley. The delegation also sought an impartial, quick inquiry into Delhi riots. This is the same group of Sufi clerics who, along with the RSS, had held meetings to ensure harmony before the Ayodhya verdict. Ever since the withdrawal of Article 370 last year, the group made a couple of visits to Jammu and Kashmir urging the youth to look for empowerment within the Indian Constitution, be wary of Pakistan-sponsored propaganda and not fall prey to terrorism. The Sufi bodys chairman Syed Nasiruddin Chishti said the meeting with Shah was positive. We told him about how the situation in Kashmir is improving and how it will only get better if there is door-to-door promotion of the Sufi philosophy. With regard to riots, we have asked him to conduct an impartial inquiry into who started the violence, he told ET. Some clerics had dressed in saffron robes as according to them, the colour belongs to Hinduism but it was adopted by Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti (the founder of Sufi Islam in In-dia) around eight centuries ago. Shah while speaking in Parliament in July last year had also spoken about the destruction of Sufism in Kashmir. Had anyone protected the Sufis, who spoke of Hindu Muslim unity, I would have agreed that people are concerned about Kashmiryat, he had said.