March 2020 News

Kashmir Records Its First Case Of Coronavirus: Officials

18 March 2020

Srinagar: The Kashmir Valley on Wednesday recorded its first positive case for novel coronavirus in Srinagar, mayor of Srinagar Municipal Corporation Junaid Azim Mattu said. 'I have been informed a short while ago that *Srinagar has had its first positive case for *Covid2019. It's a congested area in the city interiors. We have to be transparent to convey the gravity of the challenge and also seek serious measures and responsible behavior,' Mattu said in a series of tweets. He said it was portent that all residents of Srinagar stay at their homes from Thursday morning and do not venture out unnecessarily. 'IMPORTANT: I request ALL Srinagarites to STAY at their homes from tomorrow morning and venture out ONLY when absolutely necessary. Those with ANY flu like symptoms should immediately home quarantine themselves. Report for screening-testing if symptoms worsen (sic),' he said. Mattu said he has been repeatedly urging for maximum preventive measures. 'I have been repeatedly urging for maximum possible preventive measures and will continue to advocate for MAXIMUM precautions. Panicking won't help. The best possible approach is to stay at home and follow ALL guidelines,' he said. Administration officials also confirmed the first positive case of coronavirus. 'There will be restrictions on public transport, assembly of people and some other measures, in *Srinagar from tomorrow. Steps are being taken in view of a positive case detected. Further updates to follow. *Coronavirus (sic),' Deputy Commissioner, Srinagar, Shahid Iqbal Chaudhary tweeted. Government spokesperson Rohit Kansal also tweeted, 'First positive case in Kashmir- Khanyar, Srinagar. History of foreign travel. Arrived on 16-3-2020. Put in Isolation. Surveillance started in 300m area. Request all to cooperate. Also Immediately self report any symptoms.'