April 2020 News

Mian Qayoom To Remain In Tihar, J&K HC 'satisfied' With Facilities

29 April 2020
Kashmir Reader

Srinagar: The J&K High Court has expressed satisfaction over the facilities provided by the Tihar Jail authorities to J&K High Court Bar Association (JKHCBA) President Mian Abdul Qayoom. Chief Justice Gita Mittal an Justice Rajnesh Oswal disposed of the application filed by wife of Mian Abdul Qayoom who had sought shifting of Qayoom to his house in Delhi in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tihar jail Superintendent Vinod Kumar Jhaku appeared before the judges through video-conferencing along with Mian Abdul Qayoom. Jhaku told the court that every effort is being made by jail authorities to provide facilities to prisoners. It was submitted that in view of the holy month of Ramzan, 196 Muslim prisoners including Mian Qayoom were being provided with all dietary needs in consonance with religious practices. It was further submitted that keeping in view the ill health of Qayoom, regular medical checkups were being done. The report mentioned that the medical health of Mian Qayoom had been reviewed in the Jail Dispensary as a follow up on 13th March, 27th March, 9th April and 17th April 2020. On 19th March, 20th April and 21st April, the detenue was reviewed by the Jail Senior Resident Ophthalmology. On 18th April, his medical condition was reviewed by the Jail Senior Resident Orthopaedics. 'Given a complaint of the applicant, x-rays were conducted and necessary treatment in the form of medication, ointment for local application was given, physiotherapy and a Lumbo-sacral belt has been provided to him,' the report said. In the report, the Superintendent further submitted before court that the general condition and vitals of the applicant were stable and satisfactory and that he was under regular treatment and follow-up from the doctors on duty and Senior Residents from the discipline of medicine, ophthalmology, orthopaedics as well as specialists at AIIMS. 'All prescribed medication is regularly being provided,' the report said. It was further submitted that clinical examinations ruled out COVID-19 and that Qayoom would be assessed every week for COVID-19 infection. The court after going through the report expressed satisfaction and said, 'We are satisfied that his (Mian Qayoom) medical health is being fully taken care of and his requirements to enable him to keep the fasts during the month of Ramzan as well as his medical health is being fully looked after by the authorities of the Tihar Jail.' The court directed the Superintendent, Tihar Jail, to continue to ensure that all medical treatment is provided to Mian Abdul Qayoom and also such tests as are medically advised are duly provided keeping in view his fragile state of health especially regarding his kidney and cardiology problems. Meanwhile, the Jail Superintendent in another report submitted that in view of the COVID-19 infection all necessary protocols were being followed in the jail premises. It was submitted that minimum distance of one metre amongst inmates at common areas is being maintained. Face masks have been provided, visits have been stopped, and all necessary steps are being taken to protect, promote and demonstrate positive hygienic behaviour in the jail. The court was informed that so far as decongestion of jail inmates is concerned, as on 20 April 2020, 3548 inmates have been released on interim bail and emergency parole.