April 2020 News

105 Red Zones In Kashmir; Srinagar Tops With 22

30 April 2020
Greater Kashmir
Zenru Nissa

Srinagar: The total number of red zones in Kashmir division reached 105 on Thursday as patient count reached 556. Srinagar district has the highest number of red zones. Although the number of patients in Srinagar district has been rising very slowly, it has the highest number of red zones among districts of Kashmir division. As per official data, the district has 22 red zones as on 30 April. Over 80,000 people of the district are living in red zones. Iddgah and Khayyam have the largest number of areas identified as red zones followed by Goripora. A health official said that red zones have been demarcated to contain the spread of coronavirus and are currently the only identified focus areas for taking samples for COVID19 testing. He said 200 teams of healthcare and other departments staff has been deployed to help government map these areas in terms of health status and contact and travel history. A total of 231 samples had been taken from Srinagar district on Thursday for testing. He said nearly 3000 samples from Srinagar have been tested of which 89 have been found positive. District Pulwama, which has just seven patients of COVID19 stands at number two in terms of the number of red zones. This district has 17 red zones including parts of Rajpora, Sangerwani, Abhama and Gudoora extending upto Lassipora. Over 38,000 people of this district are living in red zone areas. Although Anantnag district has only nine red zones till date, it had 12 new patients on Thursday, the district has around 8000 people living in red zones. A total of 228 samples from the district had been collected for testing on Thursday. The worst affected district in J&K, Bandipora, has 12 red zones identified. Major among these is Hajin with all its municipal wards falling in red zone. In addition, Batagund Hajin and Chandergeer Hajin areas are also marked as red zone. Bandipora has reported 127 cases till date. District Baramulla has 15 red zones, expected to rise with 11 new cases of COVID19 on Thursday. District Ganderbal has the least number of red zones - only three. Kulgam has just four red zones. Government has announced total containment of populations in red zones, with entry and exit points barricaded at most places. 'There would be a 100% survey and screening of all persons in the red zones,' reads an order issued by J&K Government. Till date 9600 samples have been taken from red zones in Kashmir.