May 2020 News

'J&K Judiciary Puts IT To Good Use, Hears Nearly 4,500 Urgent Cases Thru Virtual Mode'

1 May 2020

Jammu: Putting information technology to innovative use, the Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh judiciaries have heard nearly 4,500 exceptionally urgent cases through video conference since imposition of the coronavirus-triggered, country-wide lockdown. A spokesperson for the J&K High Court on Friday said while the high court itself heard 127 urgent matters, the subordinate judiciary in the two Union territories conducted the virtual-mode hearing of 4,344 cases. After imposition of the lockdown, both the J&K high court and the subordinate judiciary had put themselves in shutdown mode, restricting themselves to hearing only urgent matters through video conference. What came handy to the J&K and Ladakh judiciary in their strive to stay accessible to common people despite the lockdown was 'Vidyo' app, recommended by the e-committee of the Supreme Court of India, said the spokesperson. The app is easily available for download on mobile phones as well as desktops, he said. 'Such is the extent of adaptability of the Information Technology tools that on some occasions, the app enabled more than 30 lawyers to appear before the court through video conferencing and calls in a single case,' he added. The app enabled judges to carry out their proceedings and lawyers to advance their arguments through vide-conferences while sitting in their respective homes or offices, he said. A web-link is sent by respective courts to lawyers and litigants for joining the hearing of their cases through video conferencing, he added. The websites of various district courts as well as the high court have also listed various helpline numbers to help lawyers and litigants participate in the virtual hearing, he added.