May 2020 News

Ram Madhav Pitched For Restoring High-speed 4G Internet In JK

21 May 2020
Kashmir News Service

Srinagar: : BJP National General Secretary Ram Madhav has pitched for restoring high-speed 4G internet in Jammu and Kashmir to 'pay the people for not pelting stones and shouting Azadi'. 'It is time the state administration appreciates this and pays the people handsomely for their openness. Certain harsh measures like denial of 4G services, which were necessary under special circumstances, can now be done away with, as the state administration and security apparatus are capable of handling difficult situations,' Madhav said. He said the Constitution allows for the administrative handling of units for some duration under special circumstances. 'Those circumstances have more or less passed in J&K. It is time the UT is allowed full-fledged political activity', he said. Madhav said people of Jammu and Kashmir have now decided to give the new status a chance. 'Now, Modi and Amit Shah decided to put an end to the 'uncertainty' by doing away with Article 370 and Article 35A in letter and spirit. Having lived under the shadow of Article 370 for seven decades, the people of J&K decided to give a new status a chance. That is the reason why the region has been largely quiet in the last nine months,' he said.