May 2020 News

Over 10,000 Vacancies In Various Govt Departments Of Jammu Kashmir To Be Filled In First Phase

29 May 2020

Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir Principal Secretary Rohit Kansal on Thursday said that over 10,000 vacancies at all the levels have been identified for recruitment in various departments in the first phase. He said that the administrative council has approved a simple and efficient procedure for filling up of class IV vacancies. 'The administrative council has approved simple and transparent rules under the name of 'Jammu and Kashmir appointment to class IV special recruitment rules 2020'. These rules will lay down the procedure as well as the criteria for selection to all these posts. In the first phase over 10,000 vacancies for accelerated recruitment at all levels have been identified,' said Kansal during a press conference. He also said, 'At the time of applying, no document including domicile certificate is required to be submitted.' He said that this process will start with filling up the class IV vacancies. 'The accelerated recruitment committee set up by the government has already identified 7,052 class IV vacant posts in various departments of the government. These posts belong to various departments of the government and these also fall under various cadres such as the Union Territory cadre, divisional cadre, district cadre,' he said. According to the administrative council, these posts shall be filled up through a special recruitment drive and under the 'Jammu and Kashmir appointment to class IV special recruitment rules 2020'. On making the process quick and efficient, the Principal Secretary said, 'All the departments shall quickly place their indents to the Services Selection Board (SSB) through the general administration department. The SSB shall be the single and sole agency for this special recruitment drive.'