June 2020 News

India Slams Pakistan For Maligning It Over Kashmir At UNHRC

16 June 2020
Elizabeth Roche

New Delhi: India has slammed Pakistan for raising the subject of Kashmir at the Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and expressed 'serious concern' at Pakistan's attempts to accuse other countries of 'effecting a state-sponsored genocide'. Exercising India's right of reply after Pakistan raised Kashmir at the 43rd session of UNHRC on Monday, Senthil Kumar, first secretary at India's Permanent Mission criticized Islamabad for misusing the platform and advised it to introspect on its own human rights record before pointing a finger at India. Enforced disappearances, state violence, forced mass displacement, extra-judicial killings, army operations, torture camps, detention centres and military camps were part of life in Balochistan, Kumar said. India's decision to revoke Kashmir's special status last year under Article 370 of the Constitution did not have any impact outside India's borders, Kumar said, and added that the people of Kashmir were moving ahead despite Pakistan's efforts to destabilise the region. 'It's a matter of serious concern that Pakistan, being the only country in South Asia effecting a state-sponsored genocide, would have the audacity to accuse others of it,' Kumar said in a short and sharp speech. 'It's questionable that a country of serious credibility issues would talk about human rights and self-determination. This country emerged out of religious fundamentalism and bloodshed and its history is rigged with assassinations, coups and puppet (administrations),' he added. Detailing the human rights record of Pakistan and the persecution suffered by minority communities, Kumar pointed to laws passed by Parliament, including the blasphemy law, which, he said, were misused to terrorise minorities. 'Systemic misuse of Blasphemy (law) in Pakistan has terrorized minorities in Pakistan. The recent fate of two Hindu girls in Sindh, one Christian girl in Lahore, one Ahmadi lady in Chaleki are examples of systemic targeting of minorities through blasphemy laws,' he said.