July 2020 News

Politicians Should Start Their Activities To Provide Succour To People: Imran Ansari

9 July 2020
Kashmir News Service

Srinagar: Prominent Shia leader and General Secretary Peoples Conference Imran Raza Ansari said that politicians should start their activities to provide succour to the people. He said during an exclusive candid chat with KNS. This is for the first time Ansari has spoken to any media outlet regarding the present situation in the J&K. 'We don't want political activities to be resumed for any post or position of power. It is the duty of the political people to go to their areas and check problems of people. It is not necessary that we should go to people only for votes,' he said in response to a question on whether resumption of political activities will give any succour to people. On being asked that most of the leaders who were released after the abrogation of Article have preferred silence, 'The role of a political person is to ensure the betterment of his areas. If they cannot talk politics at least they should visit their areas raise the issue of public. When people ask big political parties why they don't talk on this, they give an excuse that their leader in jail. Now almost all the politicians have been freed. At least we should talk about the issue of people if we cannot talk about political issues. Tomorrow MPs go and meet Lt Governor and raise the issues of people with him, but it looks everything is frozen.' He also opined that politicians should leave their ego and talk to people at the helm of affairs in the present Government. 'We were detained on the allegations that corruption was high were not doing any work. Ok. But now we should knock the doors of anyone for the relief of people. People still have expectations with us. They want us to represent their pain before people who are running affairs.' He blamed the bureaucrats for running Government on paper, ' If u see present situation, there are various dimensions, if one will talk about it. After the abrogation of article 370, People were told that the economy and developmental scenario will change. Every day we see in newspapers this and that Secretary has visited the area. But there is no sign of development anywhere. I do visit various areas. All the development is happening on papers but when u see the situation of roads, power, drinking water. There is zero development. People do come to us and report about the dismissal picture of the development on the ground.' He also said that when political people are on the ground, then only bureaucrats believe they are accountable. 'A politician is a well-connected person and remains aware of the ground realities. I believe the present Government takes more interest in meetings. In documents, they show development. If we will tour anywhere, everything will come to fore.' On being asked whether he means bureaucracy has hijacked everything here, the Shia leader said, 'Absolutely, because they have no accountability. We have four advisors, how much they can work. In this type of Government, officers are the interface of the Advisors. In a political system, we are on the ground, whether, the transfer has been repaired, a road constructed or water pipe laid. What will you tell u know. There are some areas whether transformers have not been repaired for two months. When we raise the issue with officers, they blame COVID for the delay. Blaming everything for COVID is not right.' He also advocated the statehood be restored to J&K, 'HM has himself said on the floor of the house on August 5 that it is a temporary step. now statehood should be restored' Regarding the Gupkar the declaration, he said that 'In Guplar the declaration, we asked for status Quo, Right now I am more concerned about my people feel dejected. That is my priority to relive people. People want their rights to be upheld like people in other parts of the country enjoy.'