August 2020 News

Scuffle Breaks Out Between Pro-Pakistan Kashmiri Groups In UK Over Kashmir Issue

16 August 2020
Zee News
Manish Shukla

London: A major scuffle took place between overseas Pakistanis and Kashmiri secessionist (Nationalist) organizations over Kashmir issue in the UK, on Saturday (August 15) during a demonstration in front of the Office of Consulate General of India in Birmingham. The British Kashmiri group led by Raja Qadri, Altaf Hussain, Hassan Khawaja and Khadim Hussain confronted Chaudhary Shah Nawaz of PPP representing overseas Pakistanis in Birmingham for giving Pakistani colour to indigenous Kashmir movement and raised their voice against forcible occupation of Kashmir by Pakistan. Shahnawaz group objected to slogans like 'Foreign Forces Go Back from Kashmir' (as it will include both forces), 'Zabri Naate tod do, Kashmir hamaara chord do', and not to shout slogans on sovereignty (Khudmukhtiyari). The nationalist organizations also objected to slogans raised by by PPP-led group at the behest of Pakistan. It is learnt that pro-Pakistan Kashmiri groups are also divided over Islamabad's decision to release new map which ends the scope for UN's role in the region forever.