September 2020 News

BJP Has Lost Kashmir Political Plot: Ashok Bhan

7 September 2020
Kashmir News Service

Srinagar: Speaking at the webinar organized by Centre for Peace & Progress,legal eagle and Senior Indian National congress Party leader,Ashok Bhan said, that Bhartiya Janata Party has lost its political plot in Jammu & Kashmir. In a statement issued to KNS reads, the people are hurt & angry. Alienation is almost total particularly in Kashmir Valley and Kashmiri people are like caged parrots with their anger and legitimate protest voices stifled by the use of muscle of the LG administration. There is no connection of administration with the people. The tall promises of development and promised economic initiatives to be put in place are no where visible .All the MSMEs ,Industry ,trade, tourism and related businesses have collapsed and the suffering is colossal due to no economic package The Promised return, restitution, rehabilitation and political empowerment of aborigines Kashmiri natives back in Valley is not even being talked about. The exiled natives are longing to return to their homeland-Akhir Refugees Kab Tak 3 decades is long enough. 'The Country's strategic and democratic interests lay in the people of Jammu & Kashmir not in the land alone.' On the topic -Gupkar Declaration,and the way forward-The AICC member & senior party leader Bhan said,as great leader Smt Indira Gandhi had said on the eve of Indira-Shiekh accord of 1975,When Shiekh Abdullah was chosen leader of Congress Legislature Party to make him Chief Minister -'Gadi Ki Suie Pheche Nahi Mudti.'Time can not be reversed with the hope of expecting status quo ante. Let us move forward and create a healthy political environment for our legitimate exercise of democratic rights.Let us have 'JK declaration' instead of Gupkar, to plan a democratic movement in JK to demand scraping of bifurcation of the State into Two UTs and urgent restoration of the Statehood,protect,preserve and strengthen our heritage,multicultural -spiritual ethos,and Revive the Secular polity that has eroded over the years by terrorism and separatism.Build a consensus of political opinion of JK and garner the support of all the non BJP parties in the Country to Support JK movement.