November 2020 News

Congress Party To Participate In DDC Polls

7 November 2020
Kashmir News Service

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Congress Chief Ghulam Ahmed Mir today confirmed participation of Congress party in District Development Council (DDC) polls. Taking to reporters in Jammu,Mir said, ' it was our programme to take democracy to the doorsteps of people. It was dream of our leader Rajiv Gandhi and young leader Rahul Gandhi to empower youngestors and make them part of development process. 'We will participate in DDC polls after assurance of security to all parties without any preferences. We want to keep BJP a lesson particularly for their land laws. All the people of Jammu and Kashmir are together on the issue. We will get it rollbacked together,' he added. He also said that Election Commission should have first called for the meeting of all parties regarding the security issue. ' Last time they also projected sucessful election on hundreds of seats. Now result is hundreds of seats are vacant.we have again submitted a memorandum regarding the issue.' The other two main parties BJP and PDP have yet to take a decesion regarding participation in DDC polls.