January 2021 News

Present Uncertainty In J&K Can Be Addressed By Restoring Lost Status: Hakeem Yaseen

26 January 2021

Srinagar: )Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) Chairman, Hakeem Yaseen on Tuesday said that present uncertainty can be addressed by only restoring the lost status of Jammu and Kashmir. Speaking to KNS, he suggested the leadership of all parties to unite for restoration of special status after formulating a roadmap for it. 'All the parties have to leave their egos, and talk about status of Kashmir, talk with central government, demand statehood.If all parties would keep their agendas on one side and choose a road map regarding statehood, Article 370, I don't think there would be any issue which won't get solution. GOI has not to grant us anything new. 370 was snatched from us,' he said . He added, 'It was a unilateral decesion by GOI and should not have actually happened.The special status was given to us as per agreement with them through constitution. This is the time to jointly ask GOI to restore it,whatever uncertainty we see in present J&K, it can be addressed by restoring the lost status of J&K,' he told KNS. He said that uncertainty is everywhere and Government of India has not initiated any serious initiative to resolve the uncertainty in J&K arising after Abrogation of Article 370. On being asked why he choose to stay away from PAGD, he said, ' In past lot of agreements have taken place between PDP, NC, Congress; even governments were formed. No Government has been able to complete it's time. Rather than benefiting people, it did more harm to them. Considering those experiences, I knew alliance which was formed won't work. Still forming of Alliance was a good decesion but they didn't come before public with a proper road map. They didn't show maturity which would reflect that it will last long. Every party has its own agenda and manifesto, ignoring all those agendas and choosing one path was not feasible. The promises they made were not fullfilled; neither they are fulfilled now. They don't show any sign that would reflect their unity.'