January 2021 News

Altaf Bukhari Terms Allocation Of 8.23 Percent Share Of J&K Bank To Ladakh Unjustified

29 January 2021

Srinagar: Apni Party chief Altaf Bukhari today criticized the Government for giving 8.23 percent share of J&K Bank to Ladakh as part of division of resources after carving out two Union Territories out of J&K. Talking to 'Kashmir News Service' (KNS), he said, ' Ladakh has 2.5 lakh population and it is unjustified to give them 8.23% share to the Ladakh. Is this the way to divide resources. What about division of debit. Is it like we will get debit and they will get resources. We won't allow this. If it is not stopped, Apni party will come on roads. As they say if you don't raise hue and cry , you become Party to the decision. I would request my Political leaders to join us in saving the resources of J&K, whatever is left we will try to safeguard it.' Regarding the meeting with Prime Minister, he said, ' whether it is statehood l, securing jobs, lands we will keep demanding it. Promises were made in 1947 also in parliament Then people didn't follow it. Everyone knows what happened there after. We keep on knocking door for our demands. Inshallah we will get statehood.' Demanding judicious divide of resources is not a crime or anti-national. He also demanded uniform norm for DDC seats for formation of councils. 'We will also form DDC chairman in some Districts as we have required number,' he said. He reiterated that PAGD was formed to face public as united face for their mistakes of past. 'We had nothing to answer before public. We formed Party when everything was gone.august 5 is day of mourning. Those who former PAGD has left nothing here which we can sell. If they couldn't save anything what they will being. Elections of J&K are not for bringing article 370. Yes there is difference some people are in politics to serve their interests and some for public welfare. I don't think anyone has better credentials than Apni party. Whenever we have got chance we worked for the welfare of the people.' He added that he has met Prime Minister, Home Minister and Security advisor and doesn't need to join BJP 'NC has been part of Government, PDP is dubbed as creation of BJP. Wait and watch everyone will leave from PAGD.'