May 2021 News

Dr Farooq Calls For Roll-back Of Taskforce To Scrutinize Employees

6 May 2021
Kashmir News Service

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President and Member of Parliament from Srinagar Dr Farooq Abdullah on Thursday termed the formation of a task force to monitor J&K employees an assault on their rights, saying that the termination of employees amidst a pandemic is deplorable and callous. As per the statement issued to Kashmir news service (KNS), Calling the measure of scrutinizing the J&K employees with a task force arbitrary and unwarranted infringement of the labour rights, Dr Farooq said that the measure smacks of a colonial hangover that gives sweeping powers to the government with minimal safeguards to protect the interests of employees thus putting them at the disadvantage of being labelled as anti-national at the drop of hat. 'Such measures might be used against anybody who wounds the vanity of the government or criticizes its policies. There is a stark distinction between being anti-national and having an opinion. Such a law was not required in the first place because there are already required service rules that deal with such employees who are involved in any wrong activity. The task force, it goes without saying, will impede the work culture in the government departments as the employees might land up being terminated even by wounding the vanity of the higher-ups,' he said. He said the order has further curtailed the space for freedom of speech and expression. 'The measure will provide a toll-kit to the government in labelling the employees and snub them on one or another issue. With this sword of uncertainty hanging over their heads, how is the government expecting employees to render their work in a cordial atmosphere? It is bound to hamper the output as well. I must say such a measure tells a lot about the priorities of the government. I hope the incumbent government will roll back the order in the better interests of the nation and the employees, who are the eyes and arms of any government,' he said.