June 2021 News

J&K International Environment Day: Tree , Forest Cover Of J&K Is 55 Percent : PCCF

5 June 2021
Kashmir News Service

Srinagar: Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Jammu Kashmir Mohit Gira today said forest and tree cover of J&K is around 55% which is substantially higher than the national average of 24.56%. He said this while exclusively speaking to KNS on International Environment Day. However, the National Forest Policy envisages for the mountainous states to have two third of its geographical area under forest and tree cover to ensure stability of fragile ecosystems, he added. He requested people to corporate with the forest department for the safe gaurd of our forests. There has been improvement in forest cover in UT of Jammu and Kashmir, he said. Jammu Kashmir figures one among the five states where country has largest increase in forest cover. As per 2019 forest cover report, J&K have improved with 348 Square Km in and ranks on 4th number in country as forest report 2018, he said. The forests of J&K have also recorded the highest growing stock of wood per unit area, which is 144.16 cubic meter per hectare, report accessed by KNS reads. The total carbon stock of forests in UTs including 'Trees outside Forests' is 390.20 million tonnes (1430.73 million tones of CO2 equivalent), which is 5.48% of total forest carbon of the country. A total of 42 Forest Types are found in Jammu & Kashmir, which are highest in the country and denote the diversity of forest ecosystems. J&K has also recorded the highest diversity of herbs in the country.