June 2021 News

J&K 'Nothing Can Be Achieved By Killing Political Workers' Is A Bizzare Statement: Chrungoo

8 June 2021
Kashmir News Service

Srinagar: 'Nothing can be achieved by killing political workers' is an outlandish and bizzare statement by Mehbooba Mufti, unwarranted through the mouth of a senior and responsible political leader of the JK UT, said Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, senior BJP and KP leader and Incharge, Deptt of political affairs and Feedback, J&K-BJP. He was speaking in an interview with 'Antarang' on Facebook-live today and in response to a question about the statement of former CM, Mehbooba Mufti, he called the statement irresponsible having double-meaning. It interalia suggests that 'there was an earlier purpose to kill political workers in the minds, utterances and deeds of terrorists which the mainstream politicians of Kashmir endorsed directly or indirectly'. 'Conditional condemnation statements about terrorism and terror acts coupled with double-meaning purposes are tantamout to 'endorsement' of the ideology behind terrorism. The Kashmir based socalled political mainstream politicians are conditioned to speak such a language that takes care of many at a time including the perpetrators of the crime against humanity', said Chrungoo. The brutal and 'wellset' Hindu minority killing is a part of a drive in favour of ethnic cleansing in the valley. It is shocking that there is no widespread condemnation of this heinous crime in the valley. Neither has the civil society in the valley gathered or mustered courage to condemn the brutal killing of Rakesh Pandit, Chairman of the Tral Municipal Council. Equally has it kept silence on the bomb explosion in Tral critically injuring seven people that was engineered by the terror regime active in the area. 'The political parties, leaders and workers along with the religious preachers, community leaders and the intellectuals in the Kashmir society need to come out of psychological inertia against terrorism. It otherwise signals that the society and its leadership have surrendered orccompromised with the menace of terror, death, destruction and ethnic cleansing of Hindu minorities', the BJP leader said. He was in high appreciation of the stand of the Prime Minister Modi for his open declaration in regard to the Vaccination programme henceforth. Centre's decisions are people friendly and particularly the free ration to 800 million people of India up to Deewali is a reassuring act. The freeze on charges and fees of Vaccination upon the 25 percent allocation to the private medical sector is a great relief for the general public. The Centre's decision to own responsibilities of Wide vaccination drive throughout the country and particularly for the 18-45 age group is a great relief. 'The Prime Minister Narendra Modi's assurance that vaccine supply would increase significantly in India in the coming days as seven companies produce various vaccines and trials of three more vaccines are at an advanced stage is abstateman's statement underbthe prevailing conditions. He also said that research is continuing on a nasal spray vaccine, which can significantly boost India's vaccination drive.Vaccine supply to increase in coming days, nasal vaccine will boost nation's anti-covid drive', Chrungoo added further.