June 2021 News

PM Imran Khan's Statements On Kashmir Not A 'U-turn': Pak Prez Alvi

14 June 2021
Sajjad Hussain

Islamabad: Pakistan President Arif Alvi on Monday said that Prime Minister Imran Khan's apparent change of statements on Kashmir was 'not a U-turn' as he could judge better considering the 'evolving situation'. Prime Minister Khan had last month said that Pakistan normalising relations with India unless it restored Kashmir's semi-autonomy would be a major 'betrayal' to the people of Kashmir. Earlier this month, he said in an interview with a Western news agency that Pakistan was ready to restart talks with India if Delhi provided a roadmap towards restoring the previous status of Kashmir. India has repeatedly said Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and the country is capable of solving its own problems. India has also told Pakistan that it desires normal neighbourly relations with Islamabad in an environment free of terror, hostility and violence. India has said the onus is on Pakistan to create an environment free of terror and hostility. Defending Khan's remarks, President Alvi told DawnNewsTV that the Prime Minister was the one who could judge better considering the 'evolving situation', citing the developments in Afghanistan and new international alliances. When asked whether the two statements did not reflect a shift in the premier's stance, President Alvi said: 'At times, people term a shift as a U-turn, but one should change their judgement according to changing situations and new reasons.' He said it was not justified for a leader to see their spoken words as written in stone, adding that the key was not to compromise on the principles. 'Even I have reviewed many of my life's decisions,' the president remarked.