July 2021 News

KPs For Creation Of UT Of Panun Kashmir To End Separatism In Kashmi

18 July 2021

Srinagar: Appealing Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stop all policies with regard to internally displaced Hindus of Kashmir that tantamount to Denial of Hindu Genocide in Kashmir; Kashmiri Pandits on Sunday advocated for creation of Union Territory of Panun Kashmir to eradicate separatism in the Kashmir valley.'The recognition of Genocide of Hindus of Kashmir and adopting the Panun Kashmir Prevention of Genocide and Atrocities Bill is a critical necessity for starting the process of reversal of genocide,' Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman of Panun Kashmir here said while addressing the press conference to mark Foundation Day of Panun Kashmir.He was flanked by Dr Agnishekher, Convenor.The Panun , however, appealed to immediately abandon the governance model for J&K based on Halfway separatism.On the Foundation Day of Panun Kashmir, he said, 'we reiterate our commitment to Margdarshan resolution 1991 and state firmly and unequivocally that return and rehabilitation of Hindus of Kashmir can only be possible by carving out centrally administered Union Territory of Panun Kashmir north and east of river Jhelum for all exiled Hindus of Kashmir.'As the things are getting out of control once again in Afghanistan its fall out in J&K will not be good,' said Panun leader adding, 'creation of UT of Panun Kashmir for Hindus of Kashmir is not only a basic condition for return of Hindus to their homeland but a critical necessity to defeat Pan Islamic separatism in Kashmir.'The Panun also appealed to the Prime Minister that inability to abandon Halfway Separatism as a strategic perspective has lead to squandering of all social and political gains that could have accrued to the nation after the monumental decisions of neutering 370, abrogating 35-A and reorganizing the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir into two Union Territories.'The type of political process GoI has been following in J&K alongwith the exercise of conducting Census on the basis of fudged 2011 Census will eventually lead to subversion of the basic national interests in the Union Territory of J&K,' said the Panun leader.Mr Agnishekhae said, 'Hindus of Kashmir have not only experienced Genocide at the hands of the Muslim separatist class in Kashmir but have also persevered a policy of Denial of Genocide at the hands of GoI.'The implications of the Denial of Genocide have been no less than the actual genocide process and it has unleashed both destruction and disintegration of the Hindus belonging to Kashmir,' he said.Panun Kashmir has time and again warned that the election processes in which displaced Hindus had to vote from exile for the constituencies where they have not been living for decades and their homes and hearths have been destroyed will eventually act as instrumentalities of Denial of Genocide, 'the Panun leaders said.