August 2021 News

Why Leaders From J&K Becoming A Part Of A Process Which Endorses 'don't Talk About 370' Discourse :Sajad Lone

21 August 2021
Kashmir News Service

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir People's Conference chairman, Sajad Lone on Saturday said that it was astonishing to know that there was no mention of Article 370 in the opposition parties meeting and that how the leaders from J&K can justify their presence in the meeting. In a series of Tweets, Sajad Lone slammed the opposition party meet and leaders from J&K, who participated in the meeting for not making a mention of Article 370 in the meeting. 'No mention of Article 370 in opposition parties meet. In wonderment how can J and K leaders justify their presence in the meeting if they could not convince the leaders to talk about 370. BJP anti 370'stance is clear. What is the national opposition stance,' he Tweeted. In another Tweet he said: 'Article 370 can b restored either in parliament or by the courts. Courts we have to wait. It is a long process. In parliament we know BJP won't restore it. The quietude of opposition parties suggest they won't either. Then who will.' 'And why are leaders from J and K becoming a part of a process which endorses 'don't talk about 370' discourse. Wow so u become a part of a national opposition which abandons 370 and u irk and irritate a ruling party, not known for tolerance and hence put even statehood at risk,' Sajad Lone Tweeted. In another Tweet he said: 'For heavens sake. Let us at least resolve that if we can't facilitate we will not impede either. Leaders from j and k should either get the national opposition endorse demand for 370 so that at the national level there is some hope at a future date or just keep out of it.'