September 2021 News

If 'all Is Well', Why Are BJP Activists Being Killed In Militancy Violence: Farooq Abdullah

1 September 2021

Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference president Dr Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday debunked the BJP claim about 'all is well in Jammu and Kashmir', saying if so, how come even its activists are being killed in unfortunate militancy violence. Making a special reference to the acts of violence against the elected representatives, Dr Abdullah called for adequate security to those elected to Panchayat Raj Institutions, as they are required to visit their areas for the purposes of development and to listen to the people. 'Their security should not be jeopardized,' Dr Abdullah cautioned while addressing a day-long interactive session with the National Conference functionaries of the Jammu Province here at party headquarters. The National Conference President said the people; especially the youth, are encountered with numerous problems as the promises made have proved just a hoax. 'The unemployment is on the rise and the educated unemployed are undergoing a phase of despair. The trend needs to be arrested by opening up vistas of opportunities in terms of employment generation and recruitment on the fast track basis,' he said. Dr Abdullah, however, expressed optimism about things changing for the better in Jammu and Kashmir, saying the National Conference has to play a vital role in this regard. He called for further rejuvenating the party at the grass-roots level and enhancing the public outreach at all levels and said, 'National Conference cadre has to get further activated to meet the challenges.' Dejected and disillusioned people are looking towards the National Conference with hope and we have to prepare ourselves to meet their aspirations', he said and asked the functionaries to mobilize workers for identifying the problems and agitating these at appropriate fora. 'We are passing through most difficult times and there is a crucial need of maintaining guard against polarizing forces by upholding our unity', Dr Abdullah said adding that division of the society is inimical to our glorious ethos. He said practicing hate is a new low in politics that brings one segment of society face to face against another which is detrimental for amity and brotherhood. National Conference President said the onus lies on youth to sensitise the people against divisive politics being injected into the polity thus vitiating the atmosphere with sinister objectives.