September 2021 News

4 Journalists Who Were Quizzed Will Be Arrested After Collection Of Solid Proof, Says IGP Kashmir

9 September 2021
Kashmir News Service

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir police on Thursday said that four Srinagar based journalists were questioned yesterday in connection with a case related to an online blog. In a statement, issued to Kashmir News Service (KNS), a spokesperson said that during investigation of FIR 82-2020 Police Station Kothibagh, credible evidence was found which links these journalists with the mastermind who is behind the blog 'Based on this evidence, search was conducted at four places with search warrant from Special Designated court under NIA Act, Srinagar and some mobiles, laptops and other gadgets were seized on 8th September, 2021,' reads the statement. It reads that Mir Hilal son of Ghulam Ahmed Mir working as journalist with, Mohammad Shah Abbas son of Abdul Khaliq Shah of Anantnag presently at Rajbagh, working as Freelance journalist, Azhar Qadri son of Farooq Ahmed of Bemina working as journalist with The Tribune and Showkat Motta son of Abdul Samad Motta of Lalbazar was editor-in-chief of The Narrator and currently working at a wholesale shop were questioned. The statement reads that all the 4 persons were called for questioning and were allowed to go in the evening and have been called again tomorrow. 'Currently scrutiny of electronic gazettes is going on. Various Numbers of Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi have been found. They are also in contact of many virtual numbers,' it reads. Meanwhile, IGP Kashmir said that it wasn't an issue of harassing journalists. He advised all the media persons and bodies not to spread false news and don't interfere unnecessarily in investigation of case by spreading false narrative. 'It is an investigation of an extremely sensitive case. After collection of solid evidences they would be arrested in this case,' he said.