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24 November 2002

By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan- President, Islamic Centre

A new group amongst the Muslims has emerged in the modem era known as Mujahid or Mujahideen. For a lot of people they are reckoned as a Muslim hero. But, contrary to the popular belief, these Mujahideens are associated neither with Jihad nor with Islam.

As quoted in Hadith, the prophet of Islam defined the Mujahid as those who are doing Jihad with their Psyche/carnal life, in the obedience of Allah. But, these so-called Mujahids are doing the reverse. They indulge in violence against others. If they do not get an opportunity to execute their nefarious design (violence), most of the times, the so-called Mujahideen prefer suicide bombing.

The Mujahideen for the namesake are laying landmines on the roads and paths, which is causing death of numerous innocent travellers. They also eliminate people in theatres and conference halls. They hardly distinguish their targets. They are so much involved in their killing spree that they hardly cater to the religion of a person, may be a Muslim or a Hindu. By this act of senseless carnage, the so-called Mujahideen perceive it as a bid to please the almighty but undoubtedly, these ghastly acts are pleasing the Satans.

As per the preaching of Islam, war or violence has never been a solution and the same is not acceptable in any condition unless there is a proper explanation, e.g.,war against an established outrage, court's verdict/ punishment against an established crime.

No one is competent enough to draw an inference against a person or a group, and indulge in violence against the same, considering him or her as Simon-pure.

There are lots of conditionalities in Islam pertaining to war or violence. Only a combatant should be attacked. Non-combatants are not supposed to be attacked. To murder a person is a great sin in the eyes of Islam. Two verses of Quran are cited below pertaining to the murderers, one of a common person, another of a Muslim.

(Al-maida-32) - If a person is murdering another one, without any bonafide reason, i.e. either he has indulged in violent activities or has also murdered someone, it amounts to the murder of entire mankind and if he saved a person, it amounts to the saving of entire mankind.

(Al-nisa-93) - If someone kills a Muslim, he will remain in hell forever and almighty Allah's anger and punishment is great in that case.

In the two verses of Quran, murder/ assassination has been criticized.

As per another Hadith, if someone creates nuisance for the neighbour, then he is not a Muslim. The gist is that, Islam permits only one war, that too against the established outrage. Other wars are not allowed at all. Even Islam denigrates the guerrilla war.

Islam in totality is a religion of peace and compassion. Violence against any one is strictly prohibited. No one is allowed to launch an onslaught as per their whims and fancies.

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